Communications and data cable installation Perth

Data Communication And Networking For Seamless Security

Effective, future-proof security needs to be fully connected. An ideal security system doesn’t just consist of top of the line equipment and a carefully designed plan – it should also be equipped to handle tough conditions, emergency situations, and years of use.

That’s why SCI provides the most sophisticated data communication and networking systems. With our communications solutions, you don’t need to worry about losing connection during critical moments of security.

Why Trust SCI For Your Communication Network Services?

SCI is a leading security and data cable installation company. We design, supply, install, and maintain security, communications, and audio visual systems – establishing reliable security in your home and office. 

As designers and suppliers, we work with our partners to assess your site and existing systems; this will help us further fortify your property against interruptions and intrusions. 

As installers, we follow best practices to protect both our workers and properties – and with our decades of experience in heavy industry, we can apply our extensive technical knowledge.

As maintenance providers, we future-proof your systems and make sure they’re up to date and performing at their full potential.

Fibre optic and Structured Cabling

Fibre and copper cables each have their own sets of pros and cons. At SCI, we offer the solution that works best with your system, environment, and budget. But for the most effective connection, we believe in the synergy of both fibre and copper. Together, we can design a structured cabling system that maximises the power of both options.

We install:

Data And Equipment Storage in Perth

To keep your systems up and running, you need ample protection for your server room. At SCI, we design and maintain server rooms for all our security systems and equip them with the protections needed to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Aside from this, we provide the following:

Emergency Power Supply Installation

With security systems like alarms, surveillance cameras, and access control devices, losing electrical power can mean the difference between an impenetrable fortress and a sitting duck for intrusion. This is why it’s vital to invest in systems that are built for things like elemental changes, lightning, and sudden power outages.

These are some of the solutions we install:

Total System Integration With SCI

If you’re looking for network cable installation, storage solutions, and data cabling services in Perth – SCI should be your first and last choice!