Audio Visual

Perth’s Audio Visual Provider

Even when you’re not aware of it, audiovisual tools add texture and depth to our daily lives – whether it’s through surround sound systems or lighting design. More importantly, audiovisual facilities change the way we communicate and collaborate. 

In the workplace, audiovisual systems can facilitate learning, foster collaboration, and encourage productivity. Video conferencing platforms enable communication across distances, while projectors and interactive digital displays can help people package and deliver their messages in new and exciting ways. 

With all that being said, it’s important for an organisation to find an audio visual supplier who can customise a system for their precise needs. Someone who is capable of planning a fully-integrated scheme that puts a premium on streamlining workflow and increases productivity for all clients – and that someone is SC-Installations.

SC-Installations’ Commercial Audio Visual Services

SC-Installations is the foremost brand in security and communications in Western Australia, and is a leader in audio visual installation in Perth. With over two decades of supplying for construction and heavy industry, we know the ins and outs of integrated system design, installation, and maintenance – down to the nitty gritty.

Our Larger Than Life Video Display Solutions

Whether you’re delivering a game-changing presentation at work or you’re entertaining viewers, a sophisticated projection and theatre system can help you impress your audience and get your message across with ease. We can install a projector and motorised screen which can be controlled either via remote control or a wall switch. 

Our other video display solutions include LED signages for events, synced MATV displays, and environmental video design consultation. We also provide lighting solutions that can greatly enhance the look and feel of any event. 

Be Heard With Our Audio Solutions

As the leading AV company in Perth, we can design an audio system for an intimate music event or a large, outdoor festival. No matter how small the occasion, we can create a powerful surround sound experience. Our dedicated mixers and sound engineers will fine-tune the details to help you achieve the results you need.

Outside of the commercial setting, our AV services can also be used for complex residential party set-ups.

Control Your Systems With App-Based Integration

Consulting with our design and planning team, we create a unified system that lets you control all aspects of your audio visual systems in one go. We can program existing devices or provide you with a dedicated device or centralising system from which you can easily access everything you need to configure your AV systems.

Our Process

Consultancy, Design, And Risk Assessment

We sit down with our partners and make an honest, objective assessment of their site’s audio visual needs. Unlike other audio visual companies in Perth, we design with the belief that less is more. This means designing an AV system that fulfils your needs without bombarding your employees or audience with too much information and bogging down your workplace with systems you don’t need.

Planning And Installation

We’ve got a trusted team of installers who have worked in AV, communication, and security systems installations for industrial plants and construction sites. From those experiences, our team has learned the importance of safety and collaboration – so you can be sure we protect your employees and office while we work.

Maintenance And Support

We don’t just leave our clients hanging. There are a myriad of problems you can encounter with an AV system. If you’re a customer of ours, you can contact us anytime, and we’ll be there for maintenance and repair needs.

If you’re looking for Perth's leading audio and visual provider, SC Installations should be your first and last choice!