Aged Care

Modern Aged Care Security Solutions For The Forward Thinking Nursing Home

When it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, every second counts! 

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide, with people over 65 years of age suffering the greatest number of fatal falls. Falls could be caused by a spate of serious medical emergencies and they always run the risk of further exacerbating the condition if immediate action isn’t taken. 

Preventative measures alone won’t ensure your loved ones’ safety. While assistive devices and safety modifications to the home can help prevent serious injury, there’s no predicting when or why a fall may occur. Thankfully, there is a solution! In many nursing homes all around the country, families are finding comfort in surveillance and medical alert technology.

If you’re looking to install aged care home automation, video surveillance, or nurse call systems in Perth, SCI should be your #1 choice.

Helping The Elderly Stay Safe And Independent Through Tech

Nursing home video surveillance can help protect residents from the risk of accidents and from becoming victims of elderly abuse in their assisted living facilities. In fact, this technology is being studied across the country as a viable solution to end these horrific incidents.

For independently-living elderly, motion sensors and cameras are life-changing devices. They allow your loved ones to enjoy their freedom and independence while still maintaining safety. With wireless, user-friendly distress systems, your loved ones can reach you or a medical facility with the push of a button. 

SCI's Aged Care Solutions At A Glance

At SCI, we offer the best security system installation in Perth! Our comprehensive security matrix has everything you need to build the perfect security system for your home or office.

Home Automation

Home automation can drastically improve an elderly person’s quality of life. Through various automated systems, we can help you monitor your loved one’s movements, remind them to take their medication, as well as notify you in case of falls and unusual movement in and out of the house. This is especially helpful for patients with cognitive impairments, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Physically, hearing, and visually-impaired clients can enjoy independent living too with our array of home automation solutions; from touch-sensitive sensors to voice control assistance.

Nursing Home Video Surveillance

Security cameras in nursing homes can be used to monitor the movements of both elderly residents and carers. With our IP Network video cameras in nursing homes, we can capture HD colour video and images and store up to 4TB of footage from a CCTV system of up to 64 security cameras. Under a watchful eye, you’ll have assurance that your loved ones will be given appropriate care and guidance 24/7.

Nurse Call Systems And Distress Pendants

In case of an emergency, nurse call systems are your saviour. For aged care homes and private residences with employed caregivers, we can install intercoms and paging systems that help the elderly communicate with their carers in an instant. 

For those living independently, we have wearable distress pendants equipped with a 4G wireless connection – meaning with the push of a button, your loved one can call a doctor or an ambulance should they fall or need any kind of medical assistance.

Let Us Help You Design An Aged Care Security System!

If you’re looking to install aged care home automation, video surveillance, or nurse call systems in Perth, SCI should be your #1 choice. Contact us for a quote on motion sensor, CCTV, or nurse call system installation now.