Temporary Construction Site Security Perth

Solar-Powered Solutions For Temporary Site Security

With so much expensive machinery found on construction sites, they become hotspots for theft and invasion. Each year, millions of dollars are lost due to stolen and destroyed property in construction, demolition, and highway infrastructure projects. 

Having worked with the local construction and heavy industry for over two decades, we’ve seen first-hand how essential site security is – and through those years, we’ve also realised that the most efficient and cost-effective way to secure a temporary site is with solar-powered solutions.

SCI are industry leaders in temporary site security. If you need a solar-powered solution for your construction site, we should be your first point of contact.

Why Solar-Powered Security Systems Are The Future

Based on our experience out in the field, here are four reasons why we’ve invested in solar-powered systems:

Increased Mobility

Since solar-powered equipment relies on sunlight, there is no need for extension cords and generators – making it so much easier to move equipment around. This means that everything from cameras to lighting poles can be moved around with ease. Aside from the increased flexibility, having no power cords also means there will be less cord-related accidents on site.

Self-Powered Equipment

It can be difficult to maintain power in sites located in more rural areas. Unfortunately, most of today’s security systems cannot function without a power source. With solar-powered systems, there is no need to rely on an external power source such as a generator. Cameras, lights, and access control systems all power themselves – allowing you to have uninterrupted security 24/7.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

Since solar systems don’t rely on generators or electrical energy to run, it reduces your site’s carbon-emissions tenfold. That’s a win for mother nature!

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

With minimal installation cost and virtually no need for external power, solar-powered security systems are the ultimate cost-effective solution.

Our Temporary Security Solutions

These are just a few of the security systems we use:

Pole-Mounted Cameras

With the increased risk of theft, equipment malfunction, and accidents, temporary security cameras are a must-have at construction and demolition sites. Aside from acting as a crime deterrent, temporary camera surveillance helps document activity that would otherwise go unnoticed on a busy site.

Our pole-mounted CCTV system relies on a flexible PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom camera) that can capture footage from all angles. Our temporary CCTV systems are capable of allowing live video monitoring for real-time site assessment even from a distance. All our surveillance solutions are easy-to-install, move, and maintain. 

In terms of connectivity, we can install either point-to-point wireless links, point-to-multipoint networks, or wireless mesh networks depending on the needs and conditions of the construction site.

Temporary Alarm Systems

Our wireless, mobile alarm solution is equipped with PIR sensors, which can detect human activity from between 5 to 12 meters away in restricted areas or during workers’ off-hours. Our systems can be programmed to respond to a radio key fob for remote activation and deactivation. 

Aside from environmental alarms, we can also create an alarm system for site equipment, integrating it with the monitoring system so that security managers are notified of any unauthorised use.

Lighting Systems And Automatic Gates

Most incidents of theft and property destruction occur at night. In fact, in 2017, a couple in Lake Macquarie were apprehended for driving with their headlights turned off after reports of break-ins and stolen items at a nearby construction site. This is why ample lighting, even when work has ceased, is vital for a construction or demolition site.

Another surefire theft-deterrent is a solid access control system. In most construction sites, this means automatic gates and some type of card/PIN/biometrics system for easy verification and documentation of those entering the property. 

SCI are industry leaders in temporary site security.

If you need a solar-powered solution for your construction site, we should be your first point of contact.​