Why We’re In The Business Of Safeguarding Your Business

Every business has its fair share of security risks! Whether it’s the possibility of property theft, data breach, equipment mismanagement, or clashes among employees, every business has their hands full preventing and putting out metaphorical fires. If your business isn’t armed with the right security measures, you could be losing profits, or worse, you could be putting you and your employees in serious danger.

If you feel like you need to improve your security measures, maybe it’s time to consult with the experts.

Let’s build the perfect commercial security system for your business. Contact our consultancy team today!

SCi Commercial Security Systems

SCI is Perth’s leading security and communications service provider. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have designed, supplied, installed, and maintained security solutions for corporate offices, retail shops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retirement villages, and government institutions. All of our security systems are custom-built to the varying needs of each of our clients – no two security systems are alike! 

Video Surveillance And Security Alarms

Our surveillance system matrix consists of top-of-the-line IP Network cameras and high storage capacity NVRs and Servers Our CCTV systems are customisable, playback ready, and can be accessed with LAN for mobile monitoring. When it comes to our alarms, we supply the best perimeter and PIR motion sensors – which can be configured to be remote-activated.

Access Control Solutions

Access control helps you monitor who enters and exits your property, it helps you stay on top of your employees, and it alerts of any intrusion attempts. We supply large-scale barriers such as automatic gates for construction and demolition sites, as well as intercoms and comprehensive entry and exit systems.

Temporary Site Security

Aside from automatic gates, we have a variety of mobile options for securing high-risk sites such as construction, demolition, and highway infrastructure. Most of our temporary security solutions are solar-powered, which makes them easily transportable, flexible, and cost-effective. 

We carry pole-mounted PTZ cameras, perimeter security alarms, pole-mounted lighting equipment, and a spate of access control solutions. 

Audio Visual And Communications

Audio visual solutions such as projectors, MATV displays, surround sound, and video conferencing systems help transform the workplace into a smarter, more productive working environment.

Your business deserves uninterrupted security and connectivity. To maintain an integrated and reliable system, we provide the best communications solutions. We design, supply, install, and maintain fibre, structured cabling, and wireless access points. We also provide data storage solutions and emergency power supply equipment. 

Who We’ve Worked With

Why Trust SCI?

We’ve worked with construction and heavy industry for over 2 decades. In that span of time, we’ve learned the importance of stringent safety guidelines. Today, we apply every little thing we’ve learned along the way – keeping our workers, our systems, and more importantly, your business, safe and secure. 

Let’s build the perfect commercial security system for your business. Contact our consultancy team today!