Protect Your Home With These Integrated Residential Security Solutions

On average, about 20 percent of all Australian homes have been burgled at some point – with cash, laptops, mobile phones, and jewellery being among the most frequently stolen items. Not only do these goods cost a lot of money, they also contain private information that could be used for further crimes like identity theft and credit card fraud. 

Don’t fall prey to these crimes! Comprehensive home security systems can help deter criminals from entering your property and notify you of crimes in progress. With a well-integrated system, you’ll even be able to identify intruders and warn your neighbours of suspicious individuals.

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SCI's Residential Security Solutions

Every home has its own unique weak points. At SCI, we customise your home security plan to fit your specific needs; be it a simple alarm and CCTV system or a more complex, access control-integrated schematic. 

Security Alarms

Security alarms are your first line of defence against home invaders. Perimeter and PIR security alarms can be set up around your front and back yard and can be programmed to be remote-controlled by a key fob. 

CCTV Systems

By lining the perimeter of your property with CCTVs, you have complete documentation of any unusual activity happening around your home. Our CCTVs are all-weather and vandal-proof, giving you less to worry about in terms of breakdowns and routine upkeep. The cameras can be programmed to be motion-triggered, as well as integrated with access to control systems. 

Best of all, our IP network cameras allow for live-streaming on laptops and mobile devices – meaning you can monitor your property without ever leaving your own bedroom.

Access Control Systems

Aside from sensors and alarm systems, the Australian Institute of Criminology suggests securing access points to protect your home against intruders. In most residences, the biggest and busiest access point is the gate. With access control-integrated automatic gates, you can control and monitor who goes in and out of your property. 

Other effective access control systems include intercoms, biometric scanners, card readers, and key fob readers. A complete access control system will not only deter intruders from entering your home, but will keep them from reaching high-value assets like laptops, private data, and cash.

We carry the following brands of access control devices:

  • Inception
  • Integriti
  • Hikvision

Keep Intruders Out Of Your Home

Ready to start on your home security plan? Contact us for a consultation about your home security needs. SCI has over 20 years of experience supplying high-quality surveillance devices for residential properties – no project is too big or too complicated!