Security: Commercial CCTV, Alarm Systems, and more

Bleeding-Edge Security Systems

A burglary could mean thousands of dollars in property loss and damages. In Western Australia, an average of 8,000 non-residential burglaries are recorded each year. And when it comes to residential dwellings? That number is tripled. Depending on how well you protect your home or business, you could be counted among the unlucky ones.  (not sure scare tactics are good)

These numbers are sure to keep you up at night. But with the right CCTV or alarm system, you can sleep safe and sound knowing your business, your family, and your property are secure. 

If you’re looking for a reliable security system then look no further! Read on to find out why SCI are the best alarm installers in Perth!

Keeping Your Homes And Businesses Secure

At SCI we offer the best security system installation in Perth! Our comprehensive security matrix has everything you need to build the perfect security system for your home or office.

Security Alarm Systems In Perth

To deter unwanted intruders from entering your premises, you can choose from an array of alarm systems, including passive infrared sensor (PIR) systems, perimeter systems, or a combination of both. PIR motion detectors can detect human activity from between 5 to 12 meters away by picking up on the infrared light emitted by a person.

SCI alarm systems are fully customizable, meaning you can select a partially-armed perimeter-only system or a fully-armed one. The latter is preferred by high profile clients and large-scale industrial plants.

Access Control

If you have a high volume of people going in and out of your premises, access control systems are an excellent way to keep track of employee or visitor activity. They also help keep sensitive documents and data from falling into the wrong hands. With a wide range of solutions, from residential intercoms to biometric scanners, we can design fully-functional multi-point systems.

We carry the following brands:

  • Inception
  • Integriti
  • Hikvision

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are arguably the biggest, most obvious types of access control systems, whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. While convenience seems like the most obvious reason for installing an automatic gate, it’s important to recognize the added fortification a large, heavy-duty gate can bring to your home or business. On top of that, the intercom system allows you to screen anyone wishing to enter your premises. 

Commercial CCTV Security for Perth

In the event that an intruder gets past both your alarms and access control systems, CCTVs can help you piece the incident together. With surveillance footage, you can capture what the intruder looks like, how they entered your property, and what items were stolen or damaged. With all this information, you can fortify your home or office and pinpoint weak spots in your security plan.

We supply the latest, all-weather, vandal-proof, and motion-triggered IP network cameras which can capture HD colour video and images. Our supply of NVRs can store 3 to 4TB of footage from anywhere between one and 64 cameras per NVR. With a LAN or internet connection, you can live-stream footage on your mobile devices – so you can always keep a watchful eye on your premises from the comfort of your own couch.

If you’re looking for fully integrated CCTV camera systems in Perth, SCI offers unparalleled service.

We can also design an access control-integrated CCTV system, which alerts you of any unauthorized access at certain control points. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, you have total control over your home and office security.

The Best Alarm Service In Perth

For CCTV systems in Perth, WA, your leading service-provider is SCI. Consult with us for all your security needs.